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Mana is Owned, managed and serviced by Anita & Bernard Mangakahia

I have danced, performed and inspired children for over 20 years through recreational camps, youth groups and schools. I have also worked in the corporate sector with company's like Adidas Japan, Young Presidents organisation, Manhatten Chace bank etc. 


I have been brought up with strong family values, love of culture and the desire to get better and better at something that matters.


Family is something that matters so my love for genealogy has drawn me towards my ancestors. My father is a Maori and his great grandfather was born in Ohio America. My mother was born in Taveuni, Fiji, with a strong Scottish and English heritage. 


My Father served in the New Zealand Army for 20 years which explains why I was born in Malacca, Malaysia and grew up in Singapore till I was  7, and then moved back to New Zealand with my parents. I live in Brisbane Australia at the moment.

This one of bernard's favourite quotes:

"Man is built for a purpose, he was designed for accomplishment, he is engineered for success, he is endowed with the seeds of greatness, and the greatest danger we as human beings have is when we do not do anything at all."


Brian Tracy


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